While the dust settles on this - 2022-10-10 19:20:00

season the words role models, inspiring, spirited, dedicated have been used to describe our Senior Hurling team since yesterday. We have to remember what this team offered the people of our parish at a time when we were still in the midst of the pandemic. 
Hope, something to look forward to, excitement, comradeship, an opportunity for people to get out and socialise....take a bow lads, the result of the last two years of hard work, dedication and quality displays of the greatest game on earth has given everyone a lift at a time it was needed most. Younger members of our club have had a lesson on what it takes to compete and succeed. 
Well done to the trainers, mentors and selectors, dark nights training under lights, phone calls, meetings, supporting, leading, making tough calls. William Mc Sweeney  put it very well when he said the continued rise just pauses for now. Onwards and upwards for the parish of Courceys