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 Hurling Skills Cards 

Striking from the hand

Solo Run

Roll Lift

Overhead Catch

Jab Lift



Ground Strike

Grip and Swing

Frontal Block


Batting a ball

High Catch   Sideline Cut  General Tips


Block Down

Body Catch


Crouch Lift



Fist Pass

High Catch

Hook Kick

Near Hand Tackle



U Can Award Hurling

Control and Strike, Doubling,

Solo Run

Ground Strike
Chest Catch

Catch & Strike
Hand Pass
Overhead Catch

Ground Strike
Roll Lift
Strike from the hand

Sideline Cut
Free Puck
Lift and Strike

U Can Award Football

Block Down
Punt Kick for Goal
Free Kick for Goal

Punt Kick
Catch & Kick
Feint & Pass

Fist Pass

Toe Tap
Block Down

Hook Kick
High Catch
Crouch Lift


Fun DO
Hurling Pack

Fun Do
Football Pack

Fun DO
Nursery Pack

Fun Do
Coaches Pack

YOUTUBE Skills Video’s 
(Courcey Rovers GAA Club You Tube Channel) 



High Catch

Frontal Block

Hand Pass Drill 1

Hook Kick

Hand Pass

Striking the ball from the hand

Hand Pass Drill 2

Hand Pass

Overhead Catch

Jab Lift

Hand Pass Drill 3

Kick Pass Drill

Hand Pass

Side Line Cut

Hand Pass Drill 4

Kick Pass Drill

Overhead Batting

Striking the ball on the ground

Hand Pass Drill 5


General Tips

Solo Run

Hand Pass Drill 6




Hand Pass Drill 7




Hand Pass Drill 8




Hand Pass Drill  9


Hurling Wall Drills  

Video 1

Video 2

General Coaching Resources 

Dublin GAA Coaching Website

How to Coach Skills (6 STEPS)

Coaching Adults

Ulster GAA Coaching Website

Four Foundations of a Good Coach

Coaching Youth Players


Good Coaching

Coaching Children




GAA Tactics

Attacking Play, Defending, tackling, Drawing a free.

Breaking the Tackle

Conditioned Game for passing

Conditioned game 4 Corners

Opposite Corners Switching Play

Principles of Attack

Rotate the defender

Tackling and Denying Possession

Using Tactical Games

Helping Decision-Making, Using Conditioned Games



Fundamental Movement Presentations

U6-U12 Fundamental Movement Skills Presentation 1 (Colin:  January 2015)

U6-U12 Fundamental Movement Skills Presentation 2. (Colin:  January 2015)

U13-U18 Sports Movement Skills & Agility Presentation 1. (Colin:  January 2015)

FMS-1: Introduction

FMS-8: Additional Loco motor Activities to try

FMS-15: Striking with the hands

FMS-2: Walking

FMS-9: Landing

FMS-16: Striking with the feet

FMS-3: Running

FMS-10: Balance

FMS-17: Striking with an implement

FMS-4: Dodging

FMS-11: Rotation

FMS-18: Additional Manipulative Activities to try

FMS-5: Jumping

FMS-12: Additional Stability Activities to try

FMS-19: References

FMS-6: Hopping

FMS-13: Throwing 1


FMS-7: Skipping

FMS-14: Throwing 2

Nursery Programme

Children’s ABC Games

Games for Children

Fun Games

Childrens Games

Nursery Pack

Fun Games for Children 1

Coaching Children


Fun Games for Children 2