Poem by Albert Minihane - 2017-05-20 15:57:00

More than a game” 

The clash of the ash in all its fine glory

 Can render both tales of fortune or story

 A game the ancestors drew crowds to the ground

 And played by “Cúchulain” who tamed a wolf hound

 Many years have gone by but the sod remains the same 

As we put it all down to the wind and the rain

 Working by day then training by night 

The difference is only they trained by fire light

 In ‘Hayes’s Hotel’ a movement grew under that roof

 Preserving the nations national grass roots 

Urgency was required to prevent the decline

 Before a break happens to the ancestral timeline

 An act of defiance occurred on that fine day

 When “Michael Cusack” stood up for the traditional way

 Roars of approval from “Fionn Mac Cumhail” and the “Fianna”

 Were still cheering today legends cross the millennia 

Today grounds like “Pairc Ul Riogain” now carries the torch

 Passing on the tradition making sure history’s not lost

 As a new breed of warrior sprints onto the field

 With the skills and the stamina never knowing when to yield

 The game in your blood making your heartbeat so loud

 This game is called “Hurling” its “Irish” be “Proud”.